Where to Do Yoga in Madrid

City Yogaby Katie Goldstein

Yoga is a great way to get a workout, relax, and focus on things you easily forget in the hubbub of city life. The offering of yoga classes in Madrid is quite diverse, both in terms of styles and centers. Centers run the gamut from one-room studios with small classes to multi-room New York-style centers with all the requisite amenities. Where you decide to practice yoga in this city will depend on what you’re looking for, be it a studio close to your house, a particular style, or the right class schedule. Most centers will let you do a trial class either for free or for a nominal fee.

City Yoga is one of the bigger (and posher) studios in the city, and offers everything from a variety of styles of yoga to pilates, as well as various massages and therapies. Schedules are very accommodating, as there are classes available all day during the week and Saturday mornings. Yoga class size can reach a maximum of 20 students.

Metro: Cuatro Caminos Address: C/ Artistas, 43 Phone: 91 553 4751.

Yoga Flow is a small studio where the experienced instructor, Oscar Montero, teaches Iyengar Yoga. Schedules are more limited than a place like City Yoga, but classes are smaller (eight tends to be the maximum), prices are slightly less expensive, and the attention is very personalized.

Metro: Islas Filipinas Address: C/ Cea Bermudez, 66 5A3 Phone: 91 442 3288.

A few other places worth mentioning are:

Centro Solar, a good, small studio where prices are about 50 euros a month. Metro: Tirso de Molina Address: C/ Cabeza, 15 2 izq Phone: 91 539 9860; 91 527 3561.

Yoga Center, a bigger center reminiscent of City Yoga. Metro: Retiro Address: C/ Serrano, 6 bajo 4 Phone: 91 575 1913.

Bikram Yoga Madrid
specializes in “hot” yoga. Metro: Bilbao, San Bernardo Address: C/ Divino Pastor 25 Phone: 91 523 1141.

Shadak is run by one of the big names in Spanish yoga, Ramiro Calle. Metro: Serrano Address: C/ Ayala, 10 Phone: 914 352 328.

Bindu Escuela de Yoga offers “physical” and “mental” yoga classes. Metro: Prosperidad, Concha Espina Address: C/ Pérez Ayuso, 11 Phone: 91 413 8238.

See all yoga centers mentioned above on the map below:


About Katie

Katie is an English teaching assistant working at a bilingual public school in the center of Madrid.
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5 Responses to Where to Do Yoga in Madrid

  1. Gary says:

    I find a beer in Plaza Santa Anna helps me centre myself and get in touch with the inner me 😉

  2. ValenciaSon says:

    @Gary: Isn’t that true in every Plaza? 😉

  3. marina says:

    Great post Katie!!!
    Very useful info.

  4. PattyN says:

    Wow, great information for my next visit to Madrid. Do you happen to know if it’s typical for classes to be taught with the Spanish names for asanas or the Sanskrit? I don’t think I could follow the Spanish, but I could the Sanskrit. Thanks.

  5. In my experience (at City Yoga and Yoga Flow) the teachers use the Sanskrit names.

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