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An Evening on the Terrazas

by Amy Menchhofer The weather in Madrid has taken a turn towards summer and streets throughout the city have sprouted terrazas. You can surely find a sunny spot for a drink and a snack near your apartment or hotel, but … Continue reading

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Where to Do Yoga in Madrid

by Katie Goldstein Yoga is a great way to get a workout, relax, and focus on things you easily forget in the hubbub of city life. The offering of yoga classes in Madrid is quite diverse, both in terms of … Continue reading

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10 Things to Do During a Weekend in Madrid

This post originally appeared on our sister site Recommendations for 10 things to do in Madrid 1. The Do or Die Arty No-Brainer Visit at least one of the big three art museums, the Prado, the Reina Sofia or … Continue reading

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You Can Get it for Free (in Madrid)

by Julie Espinosa There are tons of free things to take advantage of in Madrid, but this post goes beyond the normal standbys of parks, museums during certain hours and public healthcare. If you are hunting down frugal activities in … Continue reading

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When and Where to Eat Cocido Madrileño

by Marina Diez Cocido is a very filling stew, especially recommended for cold winter days, or for when you have been toiling away in the open air and need to get some of your energies back. It is usually served … Continue reading

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How to Get a Job Teaching English in Madrid

by Katie Goldstein The easiest way for an English-speaking expat to earn a living in this city is to teach English. There’s always demand for teachers—it’s up to you how you decide to market yourself. There are two main routes … Continue reading

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To See: Palacio Real, To Avoid: Palacio Real Guided Tour

by Amy Menchhofer “Para gustos hay colores.” This common Spanish phrase, meaning more or less that there are as many preferences as there are colors, sums up the state of affairs when discussing the famous Palacio Real in Madrid. The … Continue reading

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