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Battle of the Brunches: Part I

by Faye Davies Since the demise of the much-loved Bluefish a couple of years ago, the word ‘brunch’ in Madrid has become synonymous with mounting gloom. Take Café Oliver, for instance. Michelin-starred, and charging 24€ for their offering, it would … Continue reading

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Top 5 Seasonal Pastries in Madrid

by Julie Espinosa Spanish pastries are here to tempt you year-round, with the chocolate napolitanas of La Mallorquina or the chocolate con churros at Chocolatería San Ginés, for example. But their scale-tipping powers become even harder to resist around holidays. … Continue reading

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Andén 0: The Chamberí Metro Museum

by Richard Morley This week I was one of the first visitors to Madrid’s latest attraction. In 1966 the Ministry of Public Works, finding that Chamberí Metro station could not be easily modified to take the new six-carriage trains and … Continue reading

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Madrid Institutions: The Churrería

by Katie Goldstein Photo: Antonio finishes a long morning of churro-making. There are few things more castizo—authentic—in this city than a breakfast of chocolate con churros. Though these fried delights are a staple at neighborhood bars around Madrid, they are … Continue reading

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What is a "Menú del Día"?

by Marina Diez It’s common for Spanish workers to take a lunch break in the middle of their working day. The usual thing is to go out to a restaurant and have a menú del día, menu of the day. … Continue reading

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Pink Sushi Man – Madrid Sushi Scene Improves!

by Ben Curtis I hate Sushi. My wife knows this, so she had to lie to get me here. Well, maybe not lie, but certainly not reveal our exact location until it was way too late to change the arrangements … Continue reading

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Out-of-hours Madrid: Part II – Eating

by Faye Davies Madrileños, to an only slightly lesser degree than their compatriots, can display a frustrating tendency to act like sheep in their daily lives. Very few shops open between 14:30 and 17:00; and if you need/want to lunch … Continue reading

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