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Around Madrid: a Day Trip to Segovia – Suckling Pig and a Roman Aqueduct

by Amy Menchhofer Want to get out of the city for a day? Already been to Toledo and El Escorial? Set your sights just beyond the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains to Segovia. And be sure not to miss the Top … Continue reading

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Surviving Madrid’s Prado Museum, Part 2 – The Power Tour

by Niels Klok (Continuing from Part 1 – Intro to the Prado…) Entering the museum through the “Puerta Alta de Goya” (at the top of the stairs outside, so on the first floor), look at your map and head (counter-intuitively) … Continue reading

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Alambique – Cookery Kit and Classes in Madrid

by Katie Goldstein We’ve covered the bases for you on food shopping, but with what equipment are you going to prepare and serve all that lovely food you’ve just bought? There are, of course, many places to buy kitchenware in … Continue reading

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Out-of-hours Madrid: Part I – Shopping

by Faye Davies The scene – or variations thereof – will be familiar to many a non-native Madrileño. Late for a meeting yesterday, I realised I’d run out of deodorant. Horror struck. Not because I’m afflicted with particularly bad BO … Continue reading

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Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza: Madrid’s Must-See Museum

by Julie Espinosa You may hear less mention of the Museo Thyssen – Bornemisza than of Madrid’s other two famous art museums, but that’s only because its name is tricky to pronounce. There’s no reason to overlook this corner of … Continue reading

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What Shoes Should I Wear in Madrid?

by Amy Menchhofer Accessories are an important part of the Spanish wardrobe and shoes are at the top of the list. But the great question looms – comfort or style? Follow these tips and you’ll find the perfect mix to … Continue reading

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Surviving Madrid’s Prado Museum, Part 1 – Intro

by Niels Klok Warning: this post may offend Prado evangelists and/or defenders of its untouchable status. Right, the Prado. Without a doubt, this is Madrid’s business card for art lovers – or any bus load of tourists, really. Known throughout … Continue reading

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