Pub Prada

by Faye Davies

If the name inspires visions of cashmere-clad beauties sipping White Russians, think again. The only kind of glamour Pub Prada exudes is that of a washed-up pimp, whose prime coincided with the death of Franco.

Still, the place has a certain charm. The leatherette seats and the framed watercolours make for an atmosphere that’s half-American diner, half-Granny’s sitting-room. The music – a jangling stream of Iberian pop – may not be to everyone’s tastes; but the pool table is a welcome rarity on the landscape of Spanish drinking establishments.

On the unpretentious (ahem) outskirts of Malasaña, Pub Prada is the perfect place for a relaxed highball before you head off into the land of disco glitz and garrafón. Or for spotting a supermullet. Bring your own crowd.

Open until 2am every night, including Sundays. Copas 4.50€, dobles 2€.
Metro: Gran Vía. Calle Ballesta, 24. See map below:


About Katie

Katie is an English teaching assistant working at a bilingual public school in the center of Madrid.
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4 Responses to Pub Prada

  1. Ben says:

    Always nice to know another place with a pool table!

  2. King says:

    Is this place suitable for washed-up geeks too?

  3. Colin says:

    Wonderful piece. You must get your writing skills from your alledged father.

  4. Faye says:

    Washed-up geeks welcome; fathers tolerated.

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