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Xin: Pan-Asian Paradise in Madrid

by Faye Davies While heaven might not look like Xin, I’m crossing my fingers that if I ever get there, the food will taste as good. I don’t have enough praise for this restaurant. While the decor and ambiance are … Continue reading

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Madrid Tango Dancing Time Warp – La Milonga del Centro

by Niels Klok I have never attended any dance class in my entire life, so what in the world would I be doing at a tango salon? Tango not even being español… shouldn’t we be going to a flamenco joint? … Continue reading

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Madrid iFAQ – Do they enforce the drinking age in Madrid?

by Amy Menchhofer At the tender age of 23 I was carded while waiting to get into a disco. I didn’t have my ID with me and, although my three Spanish companions all proved they were pushing 30 and I … Continue reading

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Taberna de Moncloa – Great Madrid Lunch, Young Crowd

by Katie Goldstein I love a neighborhood bar with its requisite old men, antiquated decor, and dirty floor, but sometimes it’s refreshing when your neighborhood bar isn’t that way. So it goes with the Taberna de Moncloa — a place … Continue reading

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Avoid: El Corte Inglés – Service with a Scowl

by Faye Davies I try to boycott this poor excuse for a department store, but a few months ago I happened to be in El Corte Inglés getting some help with my tax return (a free service that I urge … Continue reading

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Great Madrid Traditions: Chocolate con Churros at Chocolatería San Ginés

by Julie Espinosa Chocolate con churros is a quintessential Madrid treat, and a serving of both will usually only cost you around 3 or 4 Euros. This breakfast/late-night treat is served at cafeterías, chocolaterías and churrerías throughout the city. Thick … Continue reading

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Food Shopping in Madrid #2 – El Corte Inglés

by Amy Menchhofer As a general rule and as Julie suggests, when grocery shopping frequent the small shops, after all they’re part of what gives a big city its charm. However, sometimes, especially when trying to assuage the occasional bout … Continue reading

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